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Stop the War calls activists meeting

ARE WE ON THE brink of World War III? While there appears to be a temporary stand off between Iran and the USA, with Donald Trump in charge anything could yet happen.

The crisis will not go away. Even if Trump temporarily puts his “Iran” file on one side while he agrees to plant trees or plans his defence to the impeachment proceedings, he will return to the issue soon enough. How can we stop him provoking outright war – conventional or otherwise?

It is this danger which has prompted the Stop the War Coalition to call a London activists’ meeting to organise a campaign to put pressure on Trump and to be ready to launch a quick response if an emergency arises.

“It is clear that at any moment, either by accident or design, the Americans [USA] could lead us into a war with Iran,” the Coalition says. “Such a war would have devastating repercussions throughout the region. We need to be ready to act at a moment’s notice to prevent this slide to war.”

Stop the War Coalition Activists Meeting
7pm, 30th January
Leslie Foster Suite, Friends House, Euston NW1 2BJ

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