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Sonali Othith plan further sporting activities

Emdad Rahman

Representatives from as far afield as Birmingham attended a football programme at Chutney’s Vegetarian Restaurant in London’s Camden Town as Sonali Othith (Golden Past) outlined plans for the year ahead.

Plans were announced for a Greater Sylhet District Cup to take place in the autumn. Representatives were handed the responsibility to arrange their own managerial set ups. Jamal Uddin and Faruque Ahmed explained that the mini tournament will be for players over the age of 40. It will be set up on the basis of a league system, and the final may take place on a different date altogether.

Plans were also announced for a Nowka Bais (dragon boat) extravaganza celebration to take place during the spring of 2017. Attending delegates also made suggestions for improvements and contributed ideas for future activities.

Sonali Othith Chair Dawlath Khan Babul said, “We are aiming to keep the momentum going, especially for senior members of our community. Sonali Othith is dedicated to serving the community through sport. We have launched some exciting plans and request the support for everyone in order to succeed.”

Also on the agenda was the eligibility of players for the Greater Sylhet Cup in the light of controversy at the recent tournament, when a high profile individual took a starting place in a prominent team on a questionable basis.


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