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Turn on the smile
Whatever your style
Cute and quirky,
Lights up the eye,
Stretches ear to ear,
The infectious variety?

If it’s been a while
since you sported a smile
be sure to ask why?
Turn on the cheer
What do you fear?
Go on give it a try.

Remove the blind
Off of your mind
Shout loud and clear ‘hooray’.
Smile at someone dear
Show them you care
Go on and make their day.

Flaunt a happy face
Many parties you’ll grace
Of that you can be sure.
Sympathy dial
Call magic smile,
For sadness you have a cure.

A cute smile at mother
From chaotic toddler
And mishaps appear funny.
Makes enemies disarm
Step away from harm
And work together in harmony.

Spread the good news
What have you to lose?
It is such simplicity!
Smile at each other
Smile altogether
And enjoy the felicity.

Have the courage today
To smile away
To open the door
To a million friend
To happiness lend
And get back so much more.

By Shahanara Begum

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