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London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan in two minds over carbon emissions

HE WAS dubbed a “vandal” for agreeing plans to run a road for through traffic across Fish Island in Bow – but now London Mayor Sadiq Khan has expressed dismay over a government move to relax environmental standards for house building.

The new road through Fish Island was a costly investment to convenience commuters – but will also bring more car emissions to Bow and, as cars continue through the borough, it will help reduce air quality across Tower Hamlets. Even Tower Hamlets Executive Mayor John Biggs opposed the development.

Now Khan has condemned new government proposals for carbon reduction in new homes, claiming that the new national standards will be “lower and slower” than those already implemented in London. He says the national standards are 25% lower than those he adopted in his 2016 London Plan.

Khan has also criticised proposed government amendments to the Planning Act 2008, which would strip local authorities of powers to set carbon reduction buildings standards which are lower than the new national level.

“Hundreds of local authorities across England have declared climate emergencies,” he said, “yet these proposals would hold back both the councils and developers who want to go further and faster to decarbonise new homes. London has shown how higher carbon reduction targets can be met while still delivering much-needed new homes.”

Khan has recently said that his target is for London to be carbon-neutral by 2030: an aim which will not be assisted by the new road through Fish Island.

Khan is nearing the end of his current term of office, and he will be Labour’s candidate in the elections for a new London Mayor and Assembly this May. Shaun Bailey will be the candidate for the Conservative Party. We may have to expect more salvos from Khan in the next couple of months.

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