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Residents flock to Island Network Fun Day

Maruf Ahmed

IT WAS  FUN for all ages on the Isle of Dogs on Saturday, 4th September as the Island Network organised a splendid send-off to the summer holidays.

Queueing for the Bouncy Castle

Over 600 residents came along to the event, which was held on the grass behind Thorne House and Skeggs House, just off Glengall Grove.

Henna was on hand…

Children tested out the theory that a bouncy castle never goes out of fashion and, after much jumping around and sliding, confirmed the theory still holds true. Henna opportunities were also on hand – quite literally.

Queueing up for candyfloss and popcorn

Visitors were fuelled by candyfloss and popcorn, handed out by Island Network Chair Maium Miah Talukdar and his co-organisers (dubbed the “Magnificant Seven”), while a team of loyal assistants produced burgers from the grill.


The Magnificent Seven


Preparing the traditional Bangladeshi Burger

Maium Miah Talukdar said, “Once again I have to thank all the volunteers who helped make this such a special day. These people all run their own community organisations in E14 which are already engaging the community, and then they put more time into working together for events such as this. It was an excellent farewell to the summer holidays for local families.”

Maium hands over the popcorn.

There’s just one candyfloss left – for Maium to check quality control…

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