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Phollow the Movement?

WE ARE ALL used to the diversity in East London. There’s people from at least four corners of the world – and they’ve all brought their cuisine with them. Walking through the busy streets of our home borough, we have a rich variety of eating experiences to choose from.

That’s what East Londoners Petar and Vee found out. When they began seeing each other, they found their dates tended to involve eating out – and as they shared their mutual interest in food, so their relationship blossomed. Rewarding though it was to eat around the world while staying in East London, the two soon found out they also had a common interest in travel. They began using their holidays to explore new countries and taste the exotic cuisine in its home environment.

Buzzing Tokyo

Vee has a North Vietnamese heritage and was born in London, where she soon began cooking for her extended family. Petar was born in Belgrade, in the Serbian part of the former Yugoslavia. It’s given both of them an insight into how a country can go through a bitter war and then try to pick itself up afterwards – as well as experience of different kinds of food. Now, on the seventh anniversary of their becoming a couple and after ten holidays together, this East End couple are sharing their culinary and travel adventures with the public.

Dubbing themselves the Pho East Movement, the couple have kicked off with a website showcasing their blogs of their recent travels to Tokyo and Bali. You can see their debut video – as they take part in Japan Wonder Travel’s Sunamachi Foodrink Tour – and check out their photos of these exotic locations.

Sometimes it’s tempting to wait for bloggers to clock up their first million followers before you begin watching – but it may be more rewarding to join them at the beginning and watch them grow. And when they become famous, you can say you’ve been with them from the beginning!

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