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Pale hopes for bright future

Pale tell us that they have just taken nine months off to write music. ELN’s music reviewer is away this week, so we had to get the old curmudgeon in the office to listen to their new tracks – who was rather underwhelmed. She muttered something about the music seeming to be an exercise in what they could get out of a modern computer programme rather than something which hung together musically – and the vocals being distant and difficult to engage with. In contrast, their own promo calls this “songs which are at once stark yet burdened with emotion and wholly modern whilst channelling the understated honesty of classic song-writing.” You’ll have to listen to “The Come Back EP” for yourselves and make up your own mind: go to https://soundcloud.com/pale-vv/sets/the-comeback-ep and follow this up with a visit to https://www.facebook.com/palemusic.

Music is always better live, so catch Pale at the Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday, 8th October. Download your free ticket from https://www.facebook.com/palemusic.

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