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Makram Ali - terrorist victim

Osborne charged – terrorism and murder

DARREN OSBORNE has been charged with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder. The 47 year old, who is from Cardiff, drove a hired van into a crowd of Muslims who had just left prayers at Mosque early on Monday morning.

The fact that the charges class Osborne’s action as within the field of terrorism will be a relief to many mainstream Muslims – in the middle of the grief and sadness that the attack occurred at all. The charges officially recognise Islamophobia as a hate crime and, by implication, recognise mainstream Muslims as a peace-loving community.

None was more peace loving than 51 year old Makram Ali, who died as a result of the terrorist attack. He had left prayers with, as had many others, but he then felt ill and collapsed on the street. Others crowded round to help, forming a target just at the time that the Osborne was driving by, looking for a way to “do his bit” and kill Muslims.

It had not initially been certain whether Mr Ali died as a result of some natural cause, perhaps a heart attack – given that he had been feeling ill after prayers anyway, or whether he had died as a result of being struck by Osborne’s van. However, a post mortem examination did decide that the cause of death was multiplie physical injuries. Once that decision had been reached, the way was cleared for a charge of murder.

It is likely that the main charge of murder will be added to in due course with various other charges of assault, in respect of those injured in the attack  Osborne will initially have to appear at Westminster Magistrate’s Court to face the charges formally.  No business will be conducted at that hearing, save that he will have to confirm his name, date of birth and address.  He may be asked to enter a plea to the charges, but this is unlikely. The Court is likely to remand him in custody and it is unlikely that there will be an application for bail. Finally, the Court will set a date for him to return to Court to fix a timetable for the hearing of the case.

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