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Monster fun at Hang Up

The crowds are flocking to see Magnus Gjoen’s exhibition Monster which has now opened at the Hang Up gallery. The show features both limited edition prints and large scale originals which explore the fragility of the psyche in a brand new abstracted and graphic direction.

Inspired by an FBI article analysing the mind of a serial killer and their preoccupation with fantasy as children, Gjoen explores the fragility of the psyche with a new abstracted and graphic direction.

The unique exhibition portrays a refined evolution of the artist’s trademark juxtaposition technique. By combining delicate, decorative imagery with bold geometric shapes and primary colours, Monster illustrates the complex, yet confused mind of a serial killer.

Gjoen has de-constructed and simplified his artworks with a view to challenging perceptions of beauty versus evil. The representation of innocence through the use primitive shape and form overlaid with dreamlike images creatively examines how fantasy can often play an integral role in the creation of a monster.

The show will run until 26th April, so don’t miss the chance to go and check out these highly individual works!

Magnus Gjoen: Monster
Hang Up Gallery, 56 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7PB
Open: Tues-Sun 12.00-18.00
tel. +44 20 3667 4550

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