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Jog On Lynne receives business accolade

Emdad Rahman

LYNNE NORTHCOTT is celebrating a fantastic week after winning the Small Business of the Year 2020 Award at the British Muslim Awards. Run Leader and sports enthusiast Lynne picked up her prize at the Mercure Hotel in Manchester.

Lynne is a marathon runner who wears hijab as part of her faith and identity.  She decided to create a sports hijab that would help her feel both comfortable and confident. She developed her brand, Jog On, and centred her concept around the link between mental and physical health.

Lynne said, “When I was training for my first marathon, I learnt so much about myself. Hours alone out running in all weathers gave me a chance to process many memories and emotional difficulties. I want Jog On to be a support network for others, not only those already participating in sports and fitness but also to encourage those who aren’t, so they can begin to feel better.”

Lynne and her ambassadors are very open about how their fitness journey is complimenting their emotions and self esteem and Lynne uses the tagline #MindAndBodyStronger on her social media. She had her ambassadors all over the world recount stories about exactly how physical activity makes a difference – sharing parts of their lives in order to benefit others who might be struggling with mental health.

Lynne added, “We often see in the movies when someone might be angry, they then go and punch a boxing bag or go for a run to ease stress. They then feel better. The reality of this is that it is just a short term fix. Jog On aims to help others really process those emotions, get underneath them and find a way to move forward, to ‘Jog On’.”

Jog On is about finding yourself, at your own pace. The logo is set in what is normally seen in a speed sign on the road. Lynne is thinking longer term, “When we are on a journey to self, it should be done as fast or as slow as we need it to be, even if that means slowing down or pausing for a while.”

What’s next for this brand? The second stage of production has already begun, and clothing for both men and women is soon to be launched this month with slogans that promote the strengthening of the mind and body in unison. Jog On has also recently started offering workshops in schools and communities to demonstrate how someone can learn how to use physical fitness to feel better mentally.

For more information, go to:
or to the social media platforms @jogonsportswear.

To purchase a sports hijab at a 10% discount, use the code Jogonnews on:

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