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Jarnail is running London

Emdad Rahman

THIS SUMMER runners of all abilities will unite in one of the world’s most inclusive and diverse cities to celebrate the things that bring us together. Jarnail Singh will be one of thousands of runners and here he shares his thoughts with our readers.

What is your inspiration for running?
Inspiration for me is being myself, knowing myself deeper inside – and my self-worth. Because your self-worth is never decreased by your age, your body shape, your colour, your circumstances or anything you’re tackling in your life right now. I am inspired by my willpower to accept challenges that I come across. If you get over your fear of accepting the challenge, you are already a winner. Many people don’t ever dare to accept those challenges.

Do you have have a running model?
All the aspiring minds making an effort to be better, driven by their passion, willpower to accomplish their goals – no matter how slow or fast, their body shape or ethnicity they are. These, all above people, are my running role models. They are ambassadors of movement, making difference in their own lives an inspiring example for many others.

What is the longest distance you’ve run?
I have run the marathon distance and I’m looking forward to getting used to this distance and going further in future to run ultra distances!

Are you running for a cause?
The real reason why I started running is for myself, my self-confidence, self-esteem, and to take the responsibility of being better. Once you know your cause then you can contribute to society because it’s important to give back to the community.
I run for The Running Charity, which is helping homeless youth to make their lives better with the help of running. I have also run for Cancer Research UK, Dragon Fly Cancer Trust, Brent Centre For Youth, and Khalsa Aid For Humanity.

Your thoughts on this run?
The ASICS London 10K is very important and last year taught me life lessons when I did my first race pacer duty as a “walk/jog”. I learned how to be patient. Your pace is not always constant, you need to slow down to help others in need. This is the perfect example to retune ourselves in real life too.

Does running bring communities together?
There is no denying the fact that running is bringing all communities together and fills all the differences. What I have found in last 18 months is how diversity is important and running is a perfect example. Spread love, positivity, lift up others, encourage, embrace them and share a message of peace.

How often do you run in a week?
I normally run three to four days on my training days.

Do you train for long running events?
I have a few 10Ks and half marathons later this year. The Great North Half and maybe the Ealing Half or Royal Parks. Next year, ASICS Manchester is on my list, and if my star shines again, I will run the London Marathon (again)!

What training tips do you have for our readers?
Well I’m still a learner and not on the level to give tips. However, I would say, stay consistent, learn and know your body, don’t get too excited to see others running as they might be at a different level.

Also, join run clubs if you don’t like running or get bored easily. They’re a good source of knowledge and a great way to make new friends. I now lead the ASICS Run Club London.

Do you have any advice for new and aspiring runners?
I have heard a-lot from new runners that they are comparing themselves with others and either they try to push themselves too much or underestimate themselves and lose their faith very quickly.
Like I said earlier, stay consistent and seek knowledge you will be there one day. It’s only your journey. When you run the ASICS London 10k you’re running united, and together can achieve anything.

For more information about the ASICS London 10k, go to:

Ahead of the ASICS London 10K on Sunday 21st July, ASICS is telling the stories of 17 runners and exploring their personal reasons for running to highlight the differences we all have as runners but also the unifying impact of running and how when we run together, amazing things happen.

The eclectic group of runners, who came from all corners of the country – from Leeds and Preston to Hampshire and London – were brought together through several different groups including The Running Charity, Backpackers and the ASICS FrontRunner community.

The revealing video gives an insight into how people started running, who inspires them, what music they run to, as well as exploring the various things that make them tick. Be it Afrobeat or video game soundtracks, to being inspired by a parent or inspiring yourself, each runner’s reasons for running are wildly different – but strip that all away and it’s the love people have for running that unites everyone.

Watch the full video here:

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