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The Island Network team reaches Arnhem Wharf.

Island Network continues community support work

COVID CONTINUES – and so does the Island Network. Volunteers spent the first month of the new year delivering food supplies to elderly and vulnerable residents on the Isle of Dogs.

The team of 15 volunteers, under the capable command of Maium Miah Talukdar, Chair of the Island Network, distribute weekly meals and food packs to over 150 residents, local schools and care homes in the area. They have now delivered over 30,000 packages – hot meals or food packs – since lockdown began.

Maium Miah Talukdar

Maium Talukdar described what the task involves, saying, “We are supporting the most needy people. At times, we are out delivering food packs twice, or even three times, a week.”

Why are they keeping going? “I’ve personally witnessed so much suffering and pain people are going through due to this pandemic,” Maium explained. There is so much need and demand for help in the community. Although there is only so much we can do, we are trying our level best to reach out to as many people as possible who need this sort of support.”

Maium Talukdar thanked his team of volunteers, as well as the Network’s partner community organisations for helping throughout the pandemic with resources and volunteers. “I am really proud that we as a team are making a difference in the community,” he said.

“We are also grateful to One Housing Group, Canary Wharf Group, Asda and other local businesses for supporting our COVID-19 outreach work,” he added. “Without such widespread support, it would have been impossible to support our vulnerable residents.

“It’s been nearly a year since we started our food distribution and pandemic support on the Island. Unfortunately, the future is still very uncertain. We don’t know what will happen, or when it will end, but we can assure the community we shall continue to support our vulnerable residents and those who need us as best as we can.”

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