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Maium in the middle of inspecting waterside safety on the Isle of Dogs during his time as a local councillor.

Island Network calls for safety upgrade in dock areas

ISLAND NETWORK Chair Maium Miah Talukdar has called for a review of safety measures around the Isle of Dogs’ dock areas before summer weather and lockdown easing tempt children out of doors.

Two small signs high up on posts curtly warn against swimming in the docks.

“I was very worried to read that children have been seen swimming in Millwall Outer Dock,” said Maium. “Two small signs, placed high up on poles, are not going to deter children from jumping into the water – which is extremely dangerous.  It is not only a danger to the children, but seeing a child in trouble in the water could tempt members of the public to jump into try to save them… and end up in trouble themselves.”

A lonely lifebelt stand only has a Council waste bin to talk to…

On behalf of the Island Network, Maium has written to the Canal & River Trust, asking if they can review safety measures around the docks. “It’s very worrying to see lifebelts going missing,” said Maium. “I hope the Trust has procedures in place to inspect lifebelts on a regular basis and repair or renew them where necessary.

Maium explained that much as the water is valued by Island residents, it also poses a constant worry each summer. Local schools do push the water safety message, as do local community organisations, but you can’t guarantee that children will remember without those constant reminders. “We need to work together on keeping children safe,” said Maium, “and part of that has to be support from the Trust, which is the Statutory Harbour Authority for the docks and is responsible for public safety.”

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