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Muslims protest against terror attacks and stereotyping, Barcelona

Islamophobic attacks sweep Spain

PEOPLE died in the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona. The attacks are indefensible and have been condemned by many Muslim groups in Spain as well as internationally. One of the consequences of the terrorist attacks, however, is that there has been an upsurge in Islamophobic attacks across the Spanish state.

In Seville, anti-Muslim slogans were scrawled across the Mosque Foundation’s centre. Offensive and provocative, they included general threats such as “Killers, you are going to pay” and specific warnings about how Muslims were going to be attacked.

Granada: worshippers run as smoke from attack flare as begins to billow out of the mosque.

In Granada, a gang of around a dozen people threw flares at a mosque and chanted abuse. Those who had been inside, including children, evacuated the building as orange smoke choked up the air. The gang ran off as police arrived.

In Barcelona, some Muslims reported being the target of abuse or worse, but the incidence of reports of this kind was relatively low compared with elsewhere in Spain. Some Muslims reported a high incidence of being stopped and questioned by police as they made their way through the city. There were reports that attendance at prayers at several mosques were much smaller than usual.
A small demonstration took place on Friday, just after the attacks, organised by the far-right/fascist Falange group. They chanted protests about the Islamicisation of Europe. Groups gathered quickly to oppose this demonstration, which soon gave up.
A much stronger demonstration took place on Sunday, with thousands of Muslims marching through the scene of the previous terrorist attack chanting, “I am a Muslim! I am not a terrorist.” Marchers were applauded by non-Muslims as they went past.

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