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Is new Whipps Cross Hospital fit to face the future?

THE NEWS that Whipps Cross Hospital is to be re-built was welcomed by everyone in East London – but as soon as the move was announced, campaigners began to press for the plans to include safeguards to benefit the local community.

Would the hospital offer at least the same number of beds? Would it continue to house all the specialisms the local community needs? And would the building be planned, built and run with sustainability in mind? These were all questions which have been asked – but not all of them have been answered.

The lack of information, as well as a dose of healthy scepticism, keeps campaigners on the ball, trying to ferret out information and press for good decisions to be made. One of these key questions – the importance of sustainability – will be discussed at a Zoom meeting starting at 7pm on Tuesday, 17th November being organised by the campaign group Action4Whipps. A range of speakers will cover issues such as clean air, climate justice and how the environment affects our health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many of the strains which the NHS is currently experiencing. For years campaigners have warned that bed capacity is below what is needed: when COVID-19 struck, the Government brought in the army to build new hospitals in key urban centres in a matter of days. For years campaigners have warned that building new hospitals is being used as an opportunity to shovel public money into private pockets. It’s up to all of us to protect the NHS and ensure it’s there when we need it. Make a start by tuning in to the Action4Whipps meeting!

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