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I shall not be here

by Dr Amanullah Ashru


One day when I shall not be here

upon the bank

on the petal of the flower

on the floating where of the sea

on the calls of the wind

on the solitary woodland,

the path passes through every door.

I shall not be there to knock  at

and wake the sleeping singer.

My heart is eager to breath,

but life will seek for  its completion.

Ever wakeful will be the blue sky.

Everything will be there.

The star will gaze upon the earth,

the winter will come with frosted snow,

the spring will come with its flower,

the summer will come with heat and sweet venture.

Far away song will come with strength of fragrance.

Darkness will vanish, the sun will rise,

but I shall not be here,

I shall not come again.

Life remains like a dream.


Threading the course to come

the words of my poem only,

but nor shall I come.