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Hang-Up Gallery: “Anthropology” makes way for “Wondrous Obsessions”

Don’t miss Mark Powell’s solo exhibition “Anthropology” – now in its final week. His new collection of biro drawings on vintage documents (see above) can be viewed up to and including Sunday.

The next exhibition at Hang-Up will be “Wondrous Obsessions”, which celebrates the human instinct to collect. As children, we pick up shells on the beach to bring home. We collect our toys: whether it’s dolls or cars, they’re put in rows, loved by their little owners for the tiny differences in their similarity. For many, the collecting bug carries through to adult life – stamps, sports and music merchandise, decorative plates are given floor or wallspace in our homes, lovingly dusted and counted and looked at.

To explore our little obsessions, The Connor Brothers have chosen a range of contemporary artists who will all create works on the collecting theme for the new exhibition. “Wondrous Obsessions” will be staged from 6th May to 3rd June.

Hang Up Bonnie and clyde

Meanwhile, the Gallery is now carrying work from Brighton based artist Bonnie and Clyde (above). There will be screen prints and collages, decked out in vibrant summer colours – just right (we hope!) for the coming months. Regular artists are also on display – to enjoy or buy.

The Hang-Up Gallery is at 81 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8AD, tel. 020 3667 4550.

For more information about the Gallery and its art, go to: http://hanguppictures.com/


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