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Foodbank drive by London Enterprise Academy pupils and staff

Muhammad Talha

The pupils and staff at the London Enterprise Academy have a proud tradition of consistent grassroots engagement and this year once again have gone above and beyond to respond to the call of those in need.

A collection was organised and The Docklands Community Initiative, a team serving the most vulnerable people from community through a foodbank and home deliveries were chosen to distribute the donations made.

This included cereals, toiletries and tinned items

The Docklands Community Initiative help the elderly and homebound, those experiencing homelessnes, refugees and asylum seekers, people fleeing violence and families facing great hardship.

Sunu Miah, Operations Manager st the DCI said, “This donation will go a long way to boosting our depleted stocks where the demand for food far exceeds what is available to share.

“Thank you Headteacher Mr Ashid Ali, Muhi Mikdad and teacher Mohamned Islam for co-ordinating this great donation drive in partnership with the children and staff.”

Headteacher Ashid Ali commented. “We live in one of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods. Many of our families have dire needs but the caring spirit is such that the children look beyond themselves.

“I am extremely proud of the kind nature and resilience of our children, staff and community.

According to the Food Ethics Council nearly four million children don’t have access to healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food.

Many families in the UK are ‘food insecure,’ facing stark choices between buying food, paying the rent or heating their home.

A lack of shops selling fresh food, fast food outlets near schools and vegetables that cost three times more than ultra-processed alternatives, mean that cheap food laden with salt, sugar and saturated fats is often their only option.

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