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Flower photography starts here

Wildlife photographer Paul Debois will be conducting a “photography walk and talk” around Weavers Fields at 4pm on 24th May. This is a public walk, and the public is invited to join the walk and, if you bring your own cameras, to have a go at flower photography and learn from Paul. Paul is the “bees’ knees” of wildlife photographers, having won several awards and regularly acting as a judge in national and international competitions.

There will be a wide range of plantlife to photograph, as the walk route even includes a woodland section. Walkers will also be looking at the collaborative project “Where the Wild Things Grow” at Oxford House, which is part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival 2014 at Oxford House.

Tickets for the walk are £5 + booking fee on:

Proceeds to go Oxford House.

For more information about Paul Debois, go to www.pauldebois.com.

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