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First Ark to Alpha Centauri ready for worldwide release

Emdad Rahman: Shooting for the much anticipated First Ark To Alpha Centauri has been completed. “There are some legal procedures that need tying up, and very shortly our feature film will be ready for worldwide screenings,” said film Director Aminul Islam (Bappy).

First Ark To Alpha Centauri tells the story of a space voyage spanning 50,000 years. Bappy added; “The Centauri Princess’s lonely occupants experience a series of psychologically disturbing nightmares induced by the cosmic darkness all around the ship.

“Inside the colossal sized vessel, a small-town community enjoys a totally Earth-like livelihood with thousands of acres of picturesque pine forests, exotic weather and a river that is seen to meander its way across the sky, flowing from horizon to horizon. “In the vast emptiness stretching out beyond the Solar System, a mining expedition despatched from the ship encounters mysterious revelations in an Ice World.”

This is the first English feature film made by Bangladeshis in England, and is based on Abdul Ahad’s bestselling novel. First Ark to Alpha Centauri is produced by Centauri Pictures Ltd and Directed by Md. Aminul Islam (Bappy).

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