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East London Mosque services go online

WALK THROUGH Whitechapel any day of the week, and you’ll be walking alongside people going to or from the East London Mosque. At least, that was the situation before the Lockdown.

These days, footfall through Whitechapel has been reduced to a trickle. The Mosque is closed to the general public as a place of worship and also as a community centre. However, the community has not been left without support. The Mosque is now offering many of its services online.

There are talks and discussion forums being held across various online platforms as the community prepares for Ramdan. Secular support is also available: both practical support and counselling can be accessed by telephone, and the Mosque has links to other online resource.

To read a summary of what online support the East London Mosque is offering, go to:
East London Mosque Update

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