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East London Mosque issues new funeral guidance

CORONAVIRUS is still causing a several hundred deaths a day in the UK – and that figure includes a number of Muslims, whose lives the virus has brought to an end.

The East London Mosque has now brought together a list of practical and spiritual advice on Muslim burials to assist the bereaved with their task of giving their loved ones a compliant funeral at this difficult time.

The Mosque has been able to identify a site to act as a temporary mortuary. The extra space, and the volunteers which the Mosque recruited a short while ago, will allow for bodies to be washed as safely as possible. However, the Mosque also advises that if there is a surge in the number of deaths due to Covid-19, it will be permissible to bury bodies without Ghusi.

Another important point to note is that while Mosques are closed, the Janazah prayer takes place at the burial site – but only five relatives may take place, as part of the Lockdown requirements which are trying to stop the spread of the virus.

Some Tower Hamlets residents have chosen to be buried in the Gardens of Peace Cemetery in the past – but the Gardens are not able to be buried there at the moment, because of the high number of funerals currently being held. Residents are reminded that the Eternal Gardens Cemetery offers a substantial discount to Tower Hamlets residents and, at the moment, continues to be available for burial purposes.

To see the full list of advice, which includes links to other organisations, go to:
East London Mosque

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