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Dead return to haunt Rich Mix

Many western and/or Christian cultures hold celebrations on 31st October and/or 1st November which suggest that the dead are able, for a night, to visit the land of the living. The celebrations have taken a particular hold in Mexico, which is well known for its “Dia de los Muertos” festival held on the first two days of November. On these days, Mexican graveyards become inhabited by the living as much as the dead. Graves are decorated; stories are told; sugar skulls and bread of the dead (pan de muerto) fill the markets; houses sprout alters covered in offerings of food, alcohol, fruit and flowers… and anything else that might entice the souls of the departed to pay a visit.

The Crick Crack Club is well known for its Day of the Dead performance storytelling. This year it will be performing at the controversial Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, at 8pm on 1st November, in a show dedicated to remembering the dead. Members of the audiences are invited to bring a photo of a loved lost one or ancient ancestor: photos will be added to the alter, so that the dear departed(s) can enjoy the show. Tim Ralphs and Clare Muireann Murphy will be leading the performance and dicing with the dynamic trio – God, the Devil and Death. We are promised a sometimes poignant, sometimes irreverent, high-risk evening of ritual, stories, and magical mayhem.

Tickets are £6 in advance and £8 on the door from 020-7613 7498 or www.richmix.org.uk.

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