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Police board the party boat as it came to a stop in Hackney marshes.

Boat party man escapes with fine after Covid breach

NOISY PARTIES can be annoying for neighbours who are kept awake in the early hours of the morning. If they take place on a boat, they will annoy even more residents, as the boat chugs down the canal.

The boat party organised by Jordy Nicholas Van Duijvenbode on 13th February, was not only a noise nuisance as it travelled down the River Lea from Tottenham Lock to Hackney Marshes. With some 30 people on board, it was also held in breach of Covid safety regulations.

Van Duijvenbode, 31, of no fixed address, pleased guilty to breaking those regulations when he appeared at Stratford Magistrates’ Court at the end of April. He returned to the court earlier this month and was fined £1,161.  He was also ordered to pay costs of £625 and a victim surcharge of £116 – giving him a total of £1,902 to cough up.

Acting Chief Inspector Pete Shaw, who is responsible for the Metropolitan Police response to Covid policing in central east London, said, “This draws a close to what has been an ongoing investigation where Van Duijvenbode was involved in several breaches of the COVID legislation, potentially putting attendees, the wider public and my officers at risk.

“I hope this sends a message that where there are breaches of the legislation, especially wilful breaches like house parties and UMEs, the police and CPS will look to prosecute the organisers and attendees and this case demonstrates you will receive substantial fines.

“I would like to thank all my colleagues, the CPS and the Canal and River Trust who spent time and effort in making sure that this case had the right result bringing Mr Van Duijvenbode to justice.”

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