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Bishwanath gear up for Upazila Cup!

Emdad Rahman

TEAM MANAGER Khalis Miah has announced the Bishwanath (BSA UK) team for the 2021 Upazila tournament on Sunday 29th August 2021.

He said, “The whole management team have worked incredibly hard to keep the unity together since we became champions in 2019. We are blessed with a massive pool of able players from within Bishwanath in the UK. Our players and management travelled many miles to show commitment and togetherness in building this team. I thank everyone for their incredible drive to our cause.”

Team Bishwanath 2021

Khalis Miah – Team Manager – Bhaishghor
Yakub Ali – Assistant Manager – Alankari
Jamal Islam – Assistant Manager – Mirrerchor


  • Abdul Hussain – Bhaishghor
  • Abdul Kalam (Keighley) – Bishwanath
  • Mohammed Rokib Ali – Alankari
  • Tafazzul Ali – Kaligoinj
  • Jahid Hasan Numan – Bishwanath
  • Lokus Miah – Khazanshi
  • Shamim Noor – Alankari
  • Saddique Ahmed – Doshghor
  • Shiblu Miah – Deokolosh
  • Abdul Kalam (London) – Bishwanath
  • Mohammed Abdul Hoque – Shodor
  • Khaliduzzaman Aktar – Rampasha
  • Ismail Miah – Bishwanath
  • Toyab Ali – Shodor
  • Mohibur Rahman – Doshghor
  • Saddique Ali – Rampasha
  • Mohammed Abul Kalam – Kurwa
  • Mohammed Misba Islam – Bishwanath

Khalis has appointed his on-field leaders too. He added, “I’m proud to know we have many leaders within our squad. It is my pleasure to announce our Club Captain for this year will be Mohammed Abdul Hoque. He will be supported by two very capable Vice Captains: Abdul Kalam (Keighley) and Mohammed Rokib Ali.”

Muhammad Abdul Khalique, Chair of Bishwanath Sports Association UK, commented, “I am really looking forward to Sunday and to see some of the exciting new players that have joined us. Congratulations to the players who have been selected to represent Bishwanath this year. For those who didn’t make it I am sure you will join us on Sunday and get behind the team.

“When we won this title two years ago, what stood out for me above else was the unity and togetherness amongst the squad. As champions and one of the favourites, this brings extra pressure on our team. So it’s important we all get behind the manager and players. With our support these players will bring home the trophy again.”

The Sonali Othith Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup takes place on Sunday, 29th August at Mabley Green, Lee Conservancy Road, London E9 5HW.

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