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Best of badminton pay tribute to Foysal Ahmed

Emdad Rahman

A Charity badminton tournament held in honour of the late Foysol Ahmed has been a huge success.

The memorial event at the Millennium Centre, Featherstall Road, Oldham hosted some extraordinary games and showcased the tremendous talent on show.

Foysal Ahmed was a hugely popular and respected figure in Oldham and his sudden death has shocked a close knit community.

In tribute to his life and legacy locals decided to hold this prestigious tournament to raise money for a water well in his memory. This has been delivered very proficiently by the Global Relief Trust UK.

Organiser and badminton legend Ali Chowdhury commented, “We were shocked by Foysal’s death and we strongly felt that we needed to do something as part of his legacy. We believe that the benefit a water well brings to a community is a powerful legacy for Futsal and will be a source if comfort for his family.

“We would also like to thank everyone who donated toward this great cause and Mizan Bhai for his attendance and trophy sponsorship. Thanks to all players and guests for making this such a powerful event.”

Special thanks were reserved for Hassan, Mumin and Miftha for arranging and completing the tournament with great success.

Financial expectations have exceeded £1850 and counting.

Winners: Mumin / Mizanoor (Oldham/Liverpool)
Runners Up: Azir / Nurul (Birmingham)
Semi Finalists: Shah Alom / Reemo (Oldham/Rochdale )
Yash / Shah Noor ( Birmingham/ Liverpool)
Foysal Ahmed Charity Badminton Tournament

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