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BCSA prepares for ICC Champions Trophy

Emdad Rahman

The Bangladesh Cricket Supporters Association has held a get-together for supporters in Bangla Town, Brick Lane, to discuss and announce preparations for the ICC Champions Trophy which starts next month.

BCSA President Abdus Salam announced that the Bangladeshi team will be met upon arrival at Gatwick airport, and the BCSA will provide mobile phone SIM cards as a gesture to help the team stay connected to Bangladesh. He said: “We have arranged for fans to support the game as well as children from Tower Hamlets and BCSA members, and we hope to take a large fan base with us to the Bangladesh warm-up game on Monday, 1st May.”

BCSA Executive Shahidul Alam Ratan added, “The ICC Champions trophy is going to be a momentous and historic event and the BCSA will play a significant role in promoting Bangladeshi cricket. We are looking forward to an exciting month ahead.”

It was also announced that the BCSA would have a get together match for former Bangladesh national players on 7th June. Management has also arranged an ICC Champions Trophy tour event, where the public can come with friends and family and take pictures with the actual trophy on Saturday, 27 May, between 3 and 6pm at the London Tigers Sports Complex in Southall.

The programme was conducted by Scintilla captain Ayaz Karim and there were contributions from Ibrahim Miah and Jawar Ali. Nahas Pasha, President of the London Bangla Press Club, was a special guest at the event. Other guests included Journalist Mesba Jamal and Abu Musa Hassan.

BCSA Lifetime awards were presented to:
Mohammed Abdul Milad
Mohammed Belal Hossain
Motin Miah
Abul Kashem
Shamim Ahmed


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