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Jailed: Dardan Sadikaj

Barking gun-supplier jailed for 17 years

A LONG TERM police investigation into the supply of guns to criminals across London has ended – with the trial, conviction and sentencing of Dardan Sadikaj, 28, from Barking.

Sadikaj was arrested on 9th January 2018 in Coquelles, France – after being under surveillance for 16 months by the National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).

It began in September 2016, when the OCP observed Sadikaj meet his cousin, Besard Mustafaj, at the Sunrise carwash on Barking High Road. Mustafaj left and was then seen taking a plastic bag from a woman on Gillette Road. He was arrested shortly afterwards, still in possession of the bag – which contained a pistol and ammunition.

During the surveillance Sadikaj was recorded saying that Mustafaj had been collecting the firearm for him, Sadikaj, so that he could sell it to a “customer” he had lined up.

In other recordings, made between February and March 2017, Sadikaj spoke about large quantities of drugs he was importing and selling – including cocaine and heroin. He also made a reference to a flat in Proton House, Blackwall Way, Poplar – where his associate Ergys Osmanja lived – as a place where some of these drugs would be sold.

In May 2017, police became aware that Osmanja had picked up 5kgs of cocaine from North London. They arrested him and searched his flat – where they found £6,000 in cash, equipment for forming cocaine into blocks for sale, and a kilo of herbal cannabis.

Sadikaj pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to supply class A rugs and a firearm. On Monday, 13th August he was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court to 17 and a half years in prison.

Matt McMillan from the Organised Crime Partnership said, “Organised criminals like Sadikaj dealing in the supply of class A drugs perpetuate gang culture and serious violence which spreads through their supply chains and out, also putting innocent members of the public at risk.

“Not only was Sadikaj an established drug dealer, he was prepared to supply other criminal gangs with a ready-to-use firearm, providing them with the tools to intimidate others and potentially end lives.”

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