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A detail from the bag for life - showing the mis-spelled address.

ASDA’s red face over Isle of White

OOPS. LEADING supermarket ASDA was left hanging their heads in shame today after they launched a new store in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

A great deal of thought had gone in to the launch. Its crowning glory was a new bag for life, which had been designed by two local children. The supermarket printed 10,000 bags – to make a real splash, you might say.

Unfortunately, the bags made it from design through commissioning to printing to delivery – with no one spotting that they were embellished with the legend “Newport, Isle of White”.

It didn’t go down well with the locals, including Isle of Wight Radio, who all began tweeting about the #RetailFail. ASDA told the BBC that the mistake was a “genuine printing error”. The store has apologised – and will be reprinting the bags.

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