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A story of love under the shadow of war

THIS DEBUT PLAY from actor-playwright Tariq Jordan tells a Palestinian-Israeli love story that finds old lovers meeting once again in an Israeli interrogation room.

“My father used to say, nearly everything in the world
is made in China;

except courage, this is made in Palestine.”

Having been accused of rioting, Ali awaits his fate in an Israeli interrogation room. But when an old lover steps in to question him, the two are forced to confront their past and find themselves torn between bitter loyalties.

This harrowing Palestinian-Israeli love story is set against the backdrop of the construction of the West Bank wall. It’s a story of love, occupation, sacrifice and redemption that looks unflinchingly at the loss of innocence in war, the longing for lost homelands, and the political forces that shape our lives.

Ali and Dahlia is the debut play of actor-playwright Tariq Jordan and was previously developed as part of Arcola Theatre’s PlayWROUGHT programme and at HighTide Walthamstow Festival.

Ali And Dahlia runs until 14th April at The Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, Islington, London, N7 9EF. For more information, including performance times, and to book, go to:
The List

*Article, “The List”

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