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Starmer begins the witch-hunt

KEIR STARMER has taken his first step towards silencing dissent in the Labour Party – by sacking Rebecca Long Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet. During the leadership election, Starmer said that he wanted to unite the Labour Party. Old cynics ...

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Starmer wins: it’s back to Blairism

KEIR STARMER, the architect of Labour’s last General Election defeat, has been voted in as Leader of the Labour Party. He was supported by members hungry for a General Election victory, who are set for disappointment. As the Labour Party’s ...

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One Bill; one Mosque; and two MPs

THE HOUSE OF COMMONS has managed to pass the Government’s controversial Nationality and Borders Bill, which is now being debated in the House of Lords. It remains to be seen whether the “revising chamber” of Parliament will amend it before ...

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