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UKIP: pressure grows on Henry Bolton

UKIP LEADER Henry Bolton is coming under increasing pressure to resign his post. In addition to the “no confidence” vote passed unanimously by UKIP’s leading body over the weekend, three party spokespeople have now stepped down from the party’s “front bench”.

The latest round of infighting has seen Deputy Leader Margot Parker throw in the towel – closely followed by immigration spokesperson John Bickley and, the latest resignation, trade and industry spokesperson William Dartmouth.

The three say they are fed up with coverage of Mr Bolton, his girlfriend Jo Marney and her offensive texts are eclipsing more positive stories about the party and harming its standing in the public eye.

UKIP’s leader in Wales has also urged Bolton to stand down. Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP for London, has also publicly pressed Mr Bolton to stand down and has even offered to stand in as an interim leader while UKIP members consider who should be their next Leader – the fifth in 18 months.

Bolton, however, is having none of it and is still insisting that he will carry on. He argues that UKIP cannot stand the strain of another leadership vote, which the Party’s remaining supporters would find very divisive. He has ended the “romantic element” of his relationship and believes that should end the press interest in his personal life.

In truth, the cost of running yet another national vote would also be a strain on a party which is reported to be heavily in debt after investing in a number of local and national elections with virtually no success.

The question of whether Henry Bolton should stand down will now be settled by UKIP’s membership, which must decide whether to back the ruling committee’s no confidence motion or to reject it.

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