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Sylhet select managers ahead of District Cup 2016

Muhammad Ismael

In preparation for the Sonali Othith Sylhet District Cup which will take place at Mabley Green, Hackney, next month, the Sylhet Division team have announced their managers for the veterans football tournament.  

The Sylhet over-40s team will be managed by Zakir Hussain of Golapganj and assisted by twice Greater Sylhet Upazila cup winner Mamun Chowdhury of Osmaninagar and Noor Huq of Balagonj. 

The over-50s legends select will be managed by Emdad Rahman of Beanibazar, and he will be assisted by Abdul Kahar of Sylhet Sadar. 

Speaking on behalf of the team, Mesba Ahmed said, “The District Cup will engage with the older footballers from our community and already there are many retired players from every team who have rekindled their interest in football. It will be an exciting spectacle, and we are very much looking forward to participating. Good luck to everybody.”

The Sonali Othith Sylhet District Cup takes place at Mabley Green, Hackney on Sunday, 6th November.

Sylhet District Cup Management Committee has just been announced.
Abdul Kahar
Forid Ahmed
Kamruz Zaman
Koys Miah
Mesba Ahmed
Nurul Hoque
Rashid Ali

Over 40s:
Zakir Hussain
Mamun Choudhury
Nurul Hoque

Over 50s:
Emdad Rahman
Abdul Kahar


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