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Sylhet District hold cup winners reception

Emdad Rahman

A RECEPTION AT the Red Chilli Curry Club was held to celebrate the success of the Sylhet District teams in this year’s UK Sylhet District Cup 2017.  The dinner event featured players, coaches, officials and special guests, with speeches from the management committee and team representatives. 

Sylhet District Vice Chair Syed Salique Ahmed conducted proceedings and started with a summary of the footballing success enjoyed by the teams this year. He said, “Every player can be proud of their achievements and the fact that we are able to stay active at this age is a massive gain for us.”

Sylhet District Chair Dawlath Khan Babul thanked Rashid Ali, Koys Miah and Mamun Chowdhury MBE for their contributions in arranging a reception to celebrate the players. He also reserved praise for activists and volunteers and cited the difference these individuals make in serving the community

Awards for contributions to highlight the support of pioneers were made to Councillor Abdul Asad, the longest serving councillor in Tower Hamlets with 28 years service. Councillor Asad, the first Bangladeshi Youth Worker in Tower Hamlets, added, “BYM football club were pioneers of football in our community. I am pleased that we are holding this reception in the catchment area of this club and my ward. I urge our community to unite and use football to serve the youth, because football is a game that can easily achieve that.”

Local football legend Sunu Miah was described by Vice Chair Salique as one of the best footballers he played with. He commented, “We had many barriers when we played football in the early days. We struggled with the language and the National Front. It was thanks to the efforts of legendary activists like the late great Lutfur Rahman Shah that we were able to make progress. We gained inspiration from the Three Degrees at West Bromwich Albion – Laurie Cunningham, Brendan Batson and Cyrille Regis. My advice is we continue to engage the old but give more to push our youth in breaking through the barriers that restricted us.”

In the absence of Mamun Chowdhury MBE, Rashid Ali, Assistant Manager for Sylhet District, said, “Thanks to the players for contributing to a special win. In the end it was an easy victory and a very satisfying one at that.”

Inner London Football League Chair Koys Miah said he was looking forward to the future. “We are working to find a balance and contribute to all sections of our community,” he said. “We are doing this well and if we continue to work collectively then there is absolutely no reason why our communities cannot continue to thrive and move forward. Well done Sylhet on being crowned Sylhet District Cup winners 2017.”

Sylhet District Secretary Sorwar Alam and Director Khairul Alam joined Abdul Mukith Nanu in handing out appreciation plaques, including a special one to Rashid Ali.

Sylhet District Joint Captain Repon Chowdhury concluded by thanking his team- mates and the management: “We had unity and belief and in the end our win was a formality,” he said. “I’m proud we were all able to represent our District and deliver such a prestigious honour. We dedicate this win to the people of Sylhet.”

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