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Police Cadet Programme needs Leaders

THE VOLUNTEER POLICE CADET Programme (VPC) is a youth engagement and diversion programme supported by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). It’s for young people aged 10 to 24 years and it gives them the chance to learn about policing skills, law and legislation, citizenship, and team building activities.

Cadets also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and support policing operations which, in the past, have included the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee.

The Cadet Leaders help young people learn and develop their skills and confidence, and play a part in growing the future leaders of London. The VPC are only able to operate with a sufficient number of leaders and some boroughs are recruiting for additional leaders to reflect the demand for cadets.

Cadet Chloe from Merton said, “My Cadet Leader has changed my perception of authority and taught me that you need to earn authority by working and training hard. I look to them for guidance and support and to teach me new things.”

Cadet leader Mimi Adamski from Barnet Borough said, “Being a Cadet Leader is a great opportunity to inspire young minds and see them progress both in life, school and within the local community. We have taken the young people out to a number of events from local fetes through to orienteering in the Brecon Beacons.

“Being a cadet leader can be rewarding and challenging. Some of the young cadets come to us looking for opportunities to develop themselves, whilst others look upon us as mentors. Either way, employers often look upon cadets in a positive light and an asset to their business.”

Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, lead for the Volunteer Police Cadets said,
“The Volunteer Police Cadets are an integral part of the Met and one which gives us immense pride. The young people who become cadets are bright, enthusiastic and motivated, and they bring with them a wonderful diversity which represents London at its best. They represent the future success and safety of our city. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in being part of developing these young Londoners to apply to be an adult volunteer – in my experience, you will get just as much out of this programme as the cadets you mentor.”

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