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Love and Anger

by Dr Amanullah Ashru

Everyone has love and anger.
Some keep love and express anger;
others hide anger and show love.
Our hearts speak to us of nothing else.
I feel the presence of God whenever I see the cloud.
Some are nervous about the thunder hidden in the cloud.
After rain, a rainbow will appear indeed!
Rainbow is a promise of no more blood (sorrow).
A star is risen, a king is born,
life is land where graze fat cows and thin cows,
but man and woman seek a dove to get peace.
Who will eat the loaf and drink the wine?
Who has found the meeting place between God and his creations?
In my prayer God speaks of redemption.
Moses, Jesus, Mohammad(sm), Bhuda
speak to different nations,
but the same language of God, the same teaching,
the same talk of redemption about love.
I witness you, oh God:
did I understand you well?
Yes, if I love you.
Let me love and conquer my anger.