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Murder victim: Jordan Ajobo

Leeds man charged with Newham murder

POLICE HAVE charged a man with the murder of Adetokunbo Jordan Ajobo, known as Jordan Ajobo, in Newham on 8th November. Ajobo was fatally stabbed after being set upon by a gang armed with machetes.

Two men, both aged 21, were arrested on 20th November: one on suspicion of murder, who was later released on bail until mid-December; and another on suspicion of assisting an offender, who was released under investigation.

A third 21 year old man was arrested in Leeds on 29th November and charged with murder the following day. He appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on 1st December and was remanded to appear at the Old Bailey on 5th December. He was then further remanded in custody and the case is expected to go to trial in June.

Ajobo was a boxing coach who tried to get youngsters involved in sport so that they would not be drawn into gangs.

Anyone with information about the murder should phone police on 101. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111, where you can give information anonymously.

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