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Historic Fish Island: will it be retained for Londoners to enjoy or vandalised by Sadiq Khan?

Last try to halt Sadiq Khan vandalism at Fish Island

CAMPAIGNERS ARE making a last ditch attempt to stop London Mayor Sadiq Khan giving the go-ahead to the redevelopment of bridges leading to Fish Island in Tower Hamlets. The Save Hackney Wick campaign group is calling on the public to sign a petition to stop the bridges – and the blight they would bring.

The historic area of Fish Island, known locally for its historic industrial architecture nestled among the waterways, was blighted by the Olympic Games. These saw planning control for the area taken away from the local authority and given to the unelected and unaccountable London Legacy Development Committee (LLDC). Much of Fish Island’s historic architecture has already been lost, with more set to go as the LLDC prioritises the dormitory tower blocks that are now springing up across London.

Roads seldom have architectural merit.

Roads seldom have architectural merit.

The London Mayor has recently concluded a review of bridges, but campaigners claim that this is flawed. They claim that a new foot bridge which the mayor wants to build, known by its planning name H16, would require the demolition of Vittoria Wharf – a price not worth paying. Campaigners say the building should be retained – and used as a low cost creative workspace.

Campaigners are also asking Khan not to replace a current footbridge with a new road bridge known as “H14” which would help pollute the air on Fish Island. Much more consideration should be given to “green” issues when developing this area, they say. The new bridges would amount to planning vandalism.

Objectors to the proposed bridges include Labour’s John Biggs, current mayor of Tower Hamlets, and Fish Island’s Labour MP, Rushanara Ali – as well as several Assembly Members. The Save Hackney Wick petition is addressed to Labour’s Sadiq Khan, Labour Mayor of London, and Jules Pipe (the new Deputy Mayor for Development and former Labour Mayor of Hackney).

Sign the Save Hackney Wick petition at:

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