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Jamiatul Ummah respond to Burma appeal

Emdad Rahman

IN SUPPORT OF the long suffering Rohingya people of Burma, the pupils of Jamiatul Ummah in Whitechapel have raised over £1,000.

The Rohingya are from the Rakhine State, Myanmar, and are widely considered to be among the most oppressed people walking the planet. They face daily persecution and  hostility, and atrocities are committed against this minority on an almost daily basis.

Although there is some highlighting of their horrendous plight, the lack of national and international support is alarming and the Rohingya live each day fearful of what torment they will face.

The total raised by the students is £1,068.63. Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) Fundraiser Muhammad Imran said, “Jamiatul Ummah is a positive example of how to get students to interact with communities and bring about positive change, be it on a local or global scale. We thank the students and staff for such fabulous support which will be of immense use in our humanitarian efforts.”

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