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Cllr Ohid Ahmed

Independent Councillors condemn Trump statement

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s statement on Jerusalem has been slammed as “reckless and illegal” by the Independent Group of Tower Hamlets Councillors. The opposition group acknowledged that the new US policy will not be welcomed in Tower Hamlets, with its large Muslim population.

Cllr Ohid Ahmed, the Independent Group’s mayoral candidate, said, “I am aghast at this irresponsible statement. We condemn this, yet another, reckless decision by Trump which is against international law and relevant UN resolutions.

“I led a Tower Hamlets delegation to Palestine when I witnessed first-hand the injustice and apartheid-like conditions Palestinians suffer on daily basis. The decision by the US Administration will result in seriously negative consequences, destabilise the region and risks completely destroying any hope for peace.”

Cllr Oli Rahman

The Leader of the Independent Group, Cllr Oli Rahman, said, “Trump’s conduct and this decision would play into the hands of violent extremists. The Independent Group feels that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians can only be solved through the creation of a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.”

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