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Practical support is flooding in, but how will the financial donations be distributed?

Good Law sets up Grenfell Trust

THERE HAS BEEN a tremendous outpouring of practical support for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. Now the Good Law Project has stepped forward to set up a Trust to help manage donations of money.

The guiding philosophy of the Trust is that money has to be distributed quickly – but it also has to get into the right hands. While small organisations are raising money on the ground – either specific fundraising or just collections at their regular meetings – it can be difficult to know what to do with the money raised to ensure that it is distributed as intended

The Trust is the Good Law Project’s own way of helping the victims of the fire: not a donation of money, but a donation of the facility to handle the money others haverased. James Kessler QC has drawn up the documents on which the Trust will be based, and the Good Law Project has chosen three initial trustees who can, in time, be replaced by trustees chosen by the affected community. All those involved are donating their time to the project.

The Good Law Project is a not for profit membership organisation which tries to find cases to defend, define or change the law in a progressive direction.

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