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Ex Bangladesh MP meets Sylhet teams

Emdad Rahman

THE FORMER Bangladesh National Parliament MP Syeda Jebunnessa Haque was the guest of honour as Sylhet Sadar hosted Beanibazar in a Greater Sylhet football friendly at Stepney Green. 

Ms Haque is the mother of renowned Bangladeshi goalkeeper Helal Uzzaman, and she addressed both teams prior to kick off. She said: “I’m proud at how people like yourselves can lead such busy lives at work and home yet still find time to enjoy football and sports. You may not realise it but you are all great role models for our young people. I know you won’t stop because I’ve told Helal so many times to retire but it’s in his blood to carry on playing football. He’ll never change, so now all I say to you people is just enjoy yourselves.”

MP 2

The Sylhet Sadar “meet and greet” was attended by former Tower Hamlets Mayor Salim Ullah, Sonali Othith Chair Jamal Uddin and former Chair Dawlath Khan Babul.

Also in attendance were Beanibazar Sporting Club Vice Chair Mahbub Ahmed; Heron Miah, Director of Impressions event venue; and Abdul Bari, Director of the Royal Regency, President of BSET and the Sponsor of Team Sadar.

Sylhet Sadar were beaten 2-0 by Beanibazar in a good natured game. Sylhet Executive Member Abdus Salam said, “It was memorable and an honour to have so many dignitaries here today. We were disappointed to lose the game, but we have made friends for life. We thank everyone for attending and wish both teams greater success in the future.”

Sonali Othith Chair Jamal Uddin added, “Both teams are a credit to football and I enjoyed being a part of the whole experience here today. Football is a uniting force and I’m glad we can serve a great purpose through this.”

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