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Labour backs decent jobs, not fat cats

CLIVE LEWIS MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, has called for the creation of more useful jobs for ordinary people – while condemning business leaders who continue to pay themselves stratospheric salaries. Lewis was speaking out after The High Pay Centre ...

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Labour wants action on pay gap

LABOUR SHADOW Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Sarah Champion MP, has called for the Government to tackle the underlying long term causes of the pay gap. She was speaking after the Resolution Foundation revealed that young women entering ...

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Corbyn critics fire up the bandwagon

JEREMY CORBYN’S critics continue to undermine him in their attempt to win back the Labour Party to the policies which lost the Party the last two General Elections. Although Corbyn has now won two all-member votes, in the summers of 2015 ...

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UK economy frail ahead of Brexit

The UK economy’s report card for 2016 reads “has made some progress, but could do better”. It has done well in terms of stock market performance and house prices – but these measures do not guarantee long term security or ...

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