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The rise of the modern day baker

WE’RE IN THE MIDST midst of a baking resurgence with homemade marvels whetting our appetites everywhere we turn. From bragging rights on social media to the mass of cooking shows battling it out on the box, it would appear that dusting ...

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By Faiz Akbor, aged 15 The majority of our people here are made of clear glass. Not a single spec of dust on their smooth skin. You can see right through them for they have no hidden stories or secrets ...

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Sir Bruce Forsyth has died

TRIBUTES ARE flooding in to Sir Bruce Forsyth, whose death at the age of 89 has just been announced. Sir Bruce entered showbusiness at the age of 14, performing song and dance routines on the stage. He became nationally known ...

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India on film

Hanna-Mariam Chowdhury reviews India on Film: 1899-1947, Treasures from the BFI National Archive. THE BRITISH Film Institute, in partnership with British Council, has released India on Film: 1899-1947, Treasures from the BFI National Archive, providing viewers in the UK and across India with access to an unparalleled ...

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Outdoor Cinema Screenings in August

Maruf Ahmed THERE’S NO gimmicks, no stunts – just a field full of like-minded people and great films. Prepare yourself for a summer of cinematic joy as the legendary Pop Up Screens is back, this year presented by Eurowings and ...

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