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Burdett Rd crash cop dismissed from the Met

Lying about a vehicle collision in Tower Hamlets landed PC Miladur Khan with a six months jailed sentence. PC Khan claimed he had been driving one of the vehicles – in order to protect his younger brother.

PC Khan began his prison sentence on 2nd May and shortly afterwards faced a misconduct hearing. He was charged with breaching Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Discreditable Conduct, Honesty and Integrity and “Authority, Respect and Courtesy”.

The Chair of the misconduct hearing found Khan guilty of the charges to an extent that constituted gross misconduct, for which Khan should be dismissed from the Metropolitan Police without notice.

The Chair, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, said, “This officer has let himself, his family and his colleagues down. Our communities expect the highest standards of integrity from our officers and in this case the officer failed to meet these standards. I found that the only suitable sanction was dismissal without notice.”

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