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Rebels with a cause

Baaghi is a new action story from UTV Motion Pictures and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment which will be released at the end of the month. But movie-goers don’t have to wait for weeks to get a glimpse of the action – as a trailer is out now, showing not only a hint of the story, but what great efforts went into providing thrilling action sequences.

Baaghi is the story of Ronny, a rebellious 23-year-old from Delhi. Fearing his unruly and angry temperament his father sends him to a disciplinary academy set in a sleepy town in Kerala. While travelling to the academy he meets Siya, who also carries a rebellious streak – and sparks fly between them. After his enrollment, Ronny encounters the star student Raghav. Relations between the two disintegrate when Raghav falls for Siya as well.

Years later Ronny is informed that Siya has been abducted and he is called upon to help rescue her from captivity in Thailand. Lost in the midst of a new city, Ronny comes face to face with his nemesis, Raghav. They both still love Siya unconditionally and are in a battle to win her heart. Only one person can win: who will it be?

The recently released trailer shows the two actors practising their intense, dark and rebellious looks. It goes on to show the actors training for their action stunts. Tiger Shroff is shown helping Shraddha with her own stunts – first breaking the stunts down into steps, and then perfecting the performance of them. Shraddha Kapoor said, “Tiger is extremely good when it comes to performing stunts. He helped me understand the nuances of action during the major fight sequences”.

Baaghi is directed by Sabbir Khan (Heropanti) and presented by UTV Motion Pictures and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. It stars Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor. The film releases worldwide through UTV Motion Pictures on 29th April 2016.

To view the trailer, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUGUSihNMiM


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