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Nurseries: great expectations to be met next week

New arrangements for applying for places in community and school-linked nurseries have been operating this year in Tower Hamlets. Parents have had a common application form, with one closing date – and the Council expects to send out letters to all applicants on Friday, 8th May. As some parents will have applied to more than one nursery, they should find out the result of all of their applications on the same day – which should make it easier for them to accept and decline offers so that any spare places can be offered quickly to other parents. It’s very similar to the scheme for applying to university!

The Council hopes that by having a uniform system, more children will end up going to nursery at the primary school which they will go to later on. The Council is among the best performing local authorities in London for its handling of admissions for primary schools and secondary schools and it is hoping to improve its service at this younger level now. Private nurseries in the borough run their own schemes.

For more information on nursery admissions, go to: www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/lgsl/1-50/17_schools/school_admissions/nursery_school_admissions.aspx


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