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Lying and Stealing download coming

A NEW THRILLER from The Movie Partnership will be available to entertain you from 11th November. Lying and Stealing is a light hearted film based on the story of a career art thief – who longs to break free from his life of crime.

His father had been a thief, and Ivan (played by Theo James) just followed in his footsteps. The twist is that although he steals art, he is an art lover. How will he be able to break free?

Why, by the love of a good woman of course! Or, in this case, a not-so-good woman. Elyse (played by Emily Ratajkowski) is an actress but also a con artist, trying to escape from her chaotic past.

The pair could have decided to escape their paths via moving to Dagenham: it’s worked for lots of East Enders – why not them? Instead, in a move which admittedly helped stretch the film to its 100 minute run-time, the pair decide to pull off the ultimate heist: it won’t make them rich, but it will set them free.

Directed by Matt Aselton, Stealing and Lying will be available for download from 11th November – on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sky Store, Sony and BT.

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