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East London Mosque re-opens for prayer

THIS WEEK SAW the East London Mosque open for congregational prayers. Worshippers have been asked to follow a list of precautions to help ensure safety for those attending the Mosque and their contacts.

The Mosque opened on Wednesday, with the decision having been based on advice from medical as well as religious experts and advisers. The decision will be kept under review and refers only to congregations prayers, with. Other Mosques across East London are also planning their re-opening.

No one should come to the Mosque if they have any Covid-like symptoms or if they are under the age of twelve. The Mosque will open 15 minutes before the congregational prayer and will close straight after prayer. Everyone coming for the prayer should follow these precautions:
wear a face-mask at all times, covering both mouth and nose;
do Wudu (ablutions) before coming to the Mosque;
bring your own prayer mat and shoe bag.

The East London Mosque reminds the community that they are encouraging everyone to have a vaccination when the NHS offers it to them.  The Head Imam, Shaykh Abdul Qayum, who is still recovering from COVID-19, said:
“This pandemic has been a trial for humanity, but Allah reassures us in the Qur’an that after hardship comes ease. I have listened carefully to the advice of Muslim medical experts. Let us take the vaccine when it is offered to us and pray that insha’Allah it brings us the benefit we seek. Our thoughts and prayers are with the many people who have lost loved ones, and we are grateful for the dedication and commitment of NHS and frontline workers who are helping those afflicted by COVID-19.”

The East London Mosque has made two videos about the vaccine, which can be viewed here:
Message in English
Message in Bengali

Prayer times at the East London Mosque can be checked here:
Prayer times

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