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Courts convict second Wapping rapist – 23 years later

A POLICE investigation into an alleged rape can now be closed – with the conviction of a second man – 23 years after the offence occurred. 

Gulzar Hussain, 40, of Seagrave Close, Wellesley Street, Stepney, E1, was convicted at Snaresbrook Crown Court earlier this month.  He will return to the Court on 13th May for sentencing.

The Court heard that at around 7.30pm a woman in hear early 30s left Shadwell DLR station to look for a taxi. Two men approached and offered to show her a local cab office – but they took her to King Edward Memorial Park in Wapping, where they both raped her.

The police investigation at the time did not identify any suspects. However, in 2007 the case was re-opened, when the police new forensic information. They were able to identify and arrest one suspect – who was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to nine years in prison. Ten years later, more forensic information came to light, and police were able to identify a second suspect – Hussain, who was convicted earlier this month.

Detective Constable Mark Crane, from Specialist Crime, said, “Twenty-three years have passed since this wicked and cowardly attack was carried out by two males who were both aged just 17 at the time. They took advantage of the victim’s trust and subjected her to a horrific assault as she tried to make her way home after enjoying a night out with her colleagues

“Though one man was convicted and jailed, the victim had to live her life knowing an outstanding suspect was still out there. At times it must have felt like justice would never be fully achieved. I am glad that a jury has seen through Hussain’s lies in court that it could not have been him. I hope now he will receive a substantial sentence, and the victim can achieve some peace of mind knowing both her attackers have been caught.

“Lastly, I would like anyone who has suffered a historic sexual offence to please take heart from this conviction. We have teams of specialist detectives with valuable skills and experience who will listen to you and investigate. No matter the period of time that has passed, the Metropolitan Police Service will take reports seriously and will endeavour to bring offenders to justice.”

The Metropolitan Police asks anyone who has been a victim of abuse or a sexual crime, or who has information about an offender, to contact police on 101 – or 999 in an emergency. There are specially trained officers who will listen and investigate where needed.

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